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New Feature - Strikethrough!

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New Feature - Strikethrough!

Postby FactFinderFrank » Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:56 pm

OK, I have figured out how to add a new feature that I've wished on many previous occasions we had - strikethrough!

It looks like this!

There are two ways to use it.

The first (and maybe the easiest) is to type the text you want strikethroughed (yes, I know, that's not a word - so I'm hereby declaring it a word, Webster please take note for the next edition of the English Dictionary), then click on the "strike" button just above the typing window on the main editor/posting page.

(I can't say "stricken" text, because that would mean the same as "removed", so I have to come up with a different term.)

The second is to enclose the text you want strikethroughed (there's my new word again) with this coding:
Code: Select all
[strike]the text you want strikethroughed[/strike]
That will accomplish precisely the same thing as clicking the "strike" button, but it gives you more direct editorial control over precisely how it's used.

Here's an example of how one might use it:

"Willard, I hope that you get lots and lots and lots of snow and ice sunshine during the coming winter months up there in Canada, because I know you'll enjoy it!" \-D

Or here's another one:

"I am so glad that Donald Trump is the Antichrist our next President!"

(Well, I mean, after all, the Bible says the Rapture comes after the last Trump, right? RIGHT?????? :didisaythat )

OK everybody, have fun with it!

Truth is such an inconvenient thing that gets in the way of pet preconceptions. But there's a simple solution - just throw the Bible, linguistics, and logic all in the trash and then everybody can believe whatever they want to and it'll be no problem.
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