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Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

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Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby steve » Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:54 pm

The Vision of the Lord - April 1976
Given to Mary Ann Brown
Blue Mountain Christian Retreat, Pennsylvania

Hab 2:2-3

Then the Lord answered me and said:

"Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.


I saw pictures and words. The words that I saw under each picture appeared branded in fire.


The vision opens in New York with the Statue of Liberty, she was tilted; they had put her up on crutches and covered her with paint.


When you see her this way it is the beginning of great sorrow and deception for your nation.


In this vision I saw a map of the United States with lights big and small all over. I knew they were churches. A sonic boom comes and shakes the map. Some stay the same, others become bigger.

Revival has come by the Power of God.


Do not be deceived it is the Angel of light


I saw Banks with pad locks on the doors, one after another.


The God of America will fail, and not provide bringing great confusion on the earth.


I saw large businesses no longer there - Gone. Broke. Devastation. All Hope Gone.


Difficult times. Fear will be released, money tight. Will effect the church where she will become more money minded than people minded.

Gold will rise in prices. People will try to find security in gold, but it will not be found.

This will set up the New World Monetary System.


I saw a black cloud enter many people. They were filled with confusion, depression, and hopelessness.


Suicide will follow the spirit of death: Pills and Guns will be seen on the up rise.


I saw earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Drastic weather changes in California, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Washington, and Alaska, off the Richter scale. St. Louis. Volcanoes of great forces. Whole cities being destroyed.


God causing Fear, so men will hear the call: Return, Repent


I saw food lines as far as the eye could see: food will begin to dwindle, because of no rain and floods. It will be a difficult time, men will go wild because of a spirit to survive: Anger - Riots - Murder. People will fear to come out of their houses.


Return to the Cross to die of self. The church will stop preaching the Cross and its Power: Life in the Blood.


I saw epidemics break out everywhere. Medical help will be impossible to have for many. Return of diseases that once were gone.


Even many of my people will forget I am Jehovah Rapha (the healer), because of what I see.


I saw hell come down to deceive, if possible even God's people. The morals inside the church will be the same as the world. A demonic spirit of perversion and filth, so intense it will turn men's minds to evil, many will fall inside the church because of a love affair with the world, not with Me.


My people must hear as in the days of Noah: They must come out of "religion" into relationships and enter into Covenant. They will not believe that a flood is coming. MANY


I saw an up rise in Homosexuality. It will begin to be accepted in the government, in the educational system, in the family, in the church. In the church same sex marriages will be encouraged to live free. The moral fiber of the country will cave in.


People will love themselves not God. My people must press into having passion for God.


I saw ministry coming down like falling stars, because of immorality. Divorce, Affairs, Homosexuality. Sin not dealt with, none of which bring shame nor carry a stigma any longer. Satan in many cases will win their hearts, because they refuse to lay the axe to the root and they will have no discernment.


Take heart, I will come to cleanse and judge my house. It belongs to me. Endure to the end! I Am with you and will not forsake you.


I saw the Bible opened wide, false doctrines that make man turn to End-Time events. Faith centered on man rather than on truth. Extremes will draw people away with itching ears. The Antichrist and End-Times will be more important than the Angel of light inside the church. Families will fall apart because of the focus on the wealth instead of home surrendering to Jesus Christ and His Lordship. Focus on End-Times instead of the time we are now living in.


Be not deceived by all that sounds right and good, it will be an hour where it is not "Right vs. Wrong" but "God's way vs. Man's way" and "God's way vs. Easy way".


I saw gangs on the up rise, substitute families - no communication with parents - no love - no time invested. The TV will become their parents. Full of crime. Violence, Sex, Anger, Rebellion.


Many will not see because they are so caught up in self, they have little or not time for their children. They cannot hear their cry.


I saw hypocrites rise in the church: drinking drugs sex will be in preacher's lives. The will preach against these very things while they themselves are engaged in sinful activities. The church will begin to loose her influence with believers in the world.


Remember: the enemy, in the last days, will come into the church. Watch, Fast, Pray. There will be a Great Falling Away!


I saw riots, chaos, murder, lack of food, people will be like animals. It will make room for the One World Government, the One World Money, and the One World Church. The Antichrist spirit will be behind it. I saw government, civilians, military and churches being moved. Make room for the Antichrist - in the midst of desperation, depression and lawlessness.


Guard your heart and mind to stay focused on Him and His Kingdom.


I saw Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington State, Washington D.C., Boston, Newark, New York City, Nashville, Little Rock on fire. cities burning. St. Louis on fire.


Look to me, I am the Author and Finisher of your faith. Look up, I am very near.


I saw land burned --- Oceans, Rivers, and Seas full of death. I saw the whole earth groaning for His coming.


Tell my church to wake up, Return to Me. I am the only hope! Men's hearts will fail from fear. Stay full of the Holy Ghost. I am in control.

I believe Christians in the days and years ahead will be tested and tempted.

Remember: He is a deliverer.
Remember: We are not destined for destruction.

His kingdom is coming on earth.

Stay Faithful to Him

===== END ====


Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby steve » Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:11 pm

To put this scenario into context ..

"9-11" was more than just an "inside job" (it had nothing to do with "19 Arab hijackers"! - that was the ruse!)

"9-11" was the satanic "ritualistic sacrifice" of 3000 souls unto the great beast being held captive at the Pentagon through the use of an electro-magnetic "cage" (relating to the "law of the fives").

The missile strike upon the Pentagon - not a shred of evidence of a jumbo jet! - pierced this "cage", thereby releasing this "beast" - known as the "eater of souls" - into the world.

With the fresh taste of 3000 "souls" having been "channeled" unto it by the priests of the Synagogue of Satan just prior to the missile strike, the now refreshed "beast" was loosened forth with its "seething energies" to wage war against all Mankind, as endorsed into law (but not Constitutional Law!) as the ..

War on Terror ..

a war without borders, without a specific "enemy", wherein all Mankind is the potential "enemy", as indeed,


the "enemy" of Satan and his hordes and his lackeys in world government and finance.

The "dead giveaway" that 9-11 was a "ritualistic sacrifice" was GW Bush being at Booker Elementary School in Florida on that fateful morning, wherein a goat story was being read.

a "goat story" ..

as in .. the "Goat of Mendes" .. the "scape goat" .. the "Baphomet" ..

etched into the very street layout of DC !

The "city of occult sacrifice" - DC - will itself be "sacrificed" upon its own fateful day .. as just recompense of the wicked!

As this ancient beast went forth, wars and rumors of wars have mounted and escalated since.

But the end game behind all of this is in the "summoning forth" of an even more powerful "ancient beast" - one of the former "living beasts before the Throne of God" ..

who sided with Lucifer during his rebellion and "war in the heavens". In fact, this "beast" was quite possibly Lucifer's right-hand-man, former 2nd in command of the "Great Old Ones" ("demons" as we generically call them - demons are but choir boys compared to the higher ranking serpents, scorpions, beasts, and dark overlords).

Millions upon millions of "souls" will be sacrificed in order for the priests of the Synagogue of Satan to "summon forth" this most ancient of beasts, who appears dead, but is dreaming, who was "pierced" by God during the "war in the heavens" long ago.

This ancient beast will "overshadow" the rule and reign of the one who will become known as the "anti-christ", who will rule over the peoples of the earth with the "spirit of Pharaoh", via the dreaded ..

.. Leviathan! to be summoned forth from its watery prison of the "great deep".

And the former 3rd in command - also one of the former "living beasts before the Throne of God" that rebelled with Lucifer - will also be "summoned forth" from its earthly prison of the "great deep" ..

Behemoth will overshadow the rule and reign of the one who will become known as the "false prophet", who will rule over the peoples of the earth with the "spirit of Jezebel".

But the grandest "sacrifice" will be when the anti-christ is ritualistically murdered, thereby opening the portal for the greatest beast of them all - the "great dragon" - to "enter into" the body of the anti-christ.

From that point on, Lucifer will be operating from within "human form", just as Jesus had taken on "human form".

But Lucifer - as much as he may try - will be no Jesus! and his other half will gain the better of him - his "Satan" half.

For Lucifer and Satan are the two "personas" of the same "person", the two sides of the same coin, the original Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the original split personality, the original "alter".

Lucifer will not be able to "hold it together", but will end up revealing his true nature .. and true agenda!

For even more of Mankind will be sacrificed to bring about his truly dark agenda - the re-waging of the "war in the heavens" against the Godhead!

It will be a "winner takes all" and "take no prisoners" type of war ..

So fasten your seat belt, and put on your crash helmet, and protective padding .. and ..

PRAISE JESUS! as you thrust your "Sword of the Spirit" into the tender underbellies of these ancient life-forms, as they materialize into our realm to wage war.

This "war in the heavens" has been going on, more or less, for a very long time. Still, God has certain weapons that the enemy knows nothing about, for God - true to His nature - is reserving His best for last ..

his best weapons for these Last Days ..

to be poured out upon his Latter Day Warriors ! ..

who will be the true and faithful "dreaded ones" .. the "Holy Remnant" !

Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby El Gallo » Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:19 pm


"we now have 17 supernatural testimonies bearing witness that a mega California tragedy is to strike on September 3rd, the day after the peace talks start in DC.

So brother, what you’re saying is right on the money.
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El Gallo
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Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby jgilberAZ » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:17 am

That guy at earthquake2010 gets his dates and confirmations from playing cards.


Sorry ... don't buy it.

- Jeff

Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby El Gallo » Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:40 pm

The wolves in sheep's clothing are prowling about. Then there are the ones -- most of us really -- who just mistake indigestion for a move of the Holy Spirit. I half jest of course, mostly thinking of the uniform Mormon experience of a "burning in my bosom" meaning they have experienced God. Nonetheless we Christians can say and do the oddest things, thinking we further the Kingdom.

JGilbert and I were recently discussing this fellow who calls himself "Weatherbill", who was predicting with many supporters a huge tsunami and earthquake for California, starting September 3, 2010. How did he get there? He "cast lots" by picking three cards out of a deck. He said the Holy Spirit told him to so test God's word. Yesterday he was chagrined and allowed that, yes; other spirits may direct such shenanigans.

The point is that sometimes we are so anxious to find god in the storm, or the fire, or the shaking of the ground, that we ignore the small still voice, aching for the God who will terrify the fallen world into submission. In a sense we are saying in our heart "Since our fathers fell asleep, everything continues as it has been since the beginning of the world." We petulantly want God to "DO SOMETHING!," when there are doings constantly, if we are willing to look.

Other times we get so caught up in the world that we slip and slide into irrelevancy. Francis Chan is being criticized for leaving his mega church to reach a more authentic level of following God. I cannot say if this was a right decision, but it does seem to be going away from melding with the world, and that cannot be bad.

I read today the leader of Open Doors said:

"The sometimes hateful rhetoric being used by opponents of the proposed mosque near ground zero can result in violence against Christians living in Muslim-dominated countries, warned a ministry leader who works with persecuted Christians.

“I think it’s important to remember, as Americans are often unable to do, that there are millions of Christians in the Middle East,” said Dr. Carl Moeller, president/CEO of Open Doors USA, on Wednesday.

Moeller, who noted that there are some 10 million Christians in Egypt and six million in Pakistan, said the “more vile and hateful” protests against the proposed project can inflame Muslim extremists. Since extremists in the Middle East cannot take their anger out on Americans, they take revenge on local Christians, which they associate with America, he said.

Well, perhaps, but one has to wonder if there is not a lot of world melding going on. Islam is advancing as aggressively as the old Fascists in the early 1930's, and this sort of frightened apologetics sounds suspiciously like the accomodationist Jews in Germany, hoping if they act really nice, this wave of hate will be temporary.

There may be some over the top anti-mosque protesters in New York. (I do doubt it b/c if there were, there certainly would be lot's of evidence in the mainstream media.) But for a Christian leader to kvetch that we should not provoke the "extremists, because it might go badly for Christians in Muslim countries is laughable. The extremists, and lots who are not, are already making being a Christian in those countries quite hard and dangerous enough. This has been happening without any provocation for hundreds of years. So I have to wonder if this leader is mistaking worldly calculations for Kingdom work. Many Christian leaders do. I do not have some magic formula to get it right, but seems the bigger a ministry is, the more on guard it must be to not strain to be seen as "relevant" and mainstream.

These sort of dreams and visions seem so often to be people like me, who are anxious for God to move things to an end, alluring. But too often it turns out to be people who are misguided, or have an agenda. In the end, the Kingdom suffers, when people get excited, then are disappointed.
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Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby Kurt J. » Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:24 am

No physical earthquake in California on Sept 3 and 4, but in Sacramento TheCall prayer, worship and fasting convocation was held--I was there for 9 hours on Sept 4. It sure seemed like a spiritual earthquake "in the heavenlies" occurred. I was greatly blessed, as were the many thousands of others who attended. Here's a secular take on it: http://www.sacbee.com/2010/09/05/300678 ... ni_popular
I've been crucified with Christ; I died to the Law through the body of Christ and am joined to another; I've been released from the Law, having died to that by which I was bound; I serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.
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Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby ROCK SOLID » Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:19 am

Thanks for sharing Kurt - looked like a great day - the artical is very right in that only prayer will change our people, our leaders, governments, CEOs, and our nations - the hearts, remove the greed and the self centeredness and pride, the world needs to pray like the prophets did like Daniel did in his chapter nine - we must repent as individuals and as nations - I have a feeling and a hope that we are beginning to see revival in our lands - the hand has swung so far left that there is no other way to go except back to the right. Many have simply had enough. God Bless you and our nations and all those who seek his Holy name

Gal 6:14 May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world
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Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby jay » Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:51 pm


There may not have been an earthquake in the USA on 3rd or 4th September but their was one on the same fault system that is linked to the west coast of the USA on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. It was a major quake yet the damage bill and loss of life was relatively small. The quake in NZ had the poriental to devaste the west coast of America with a wall of water but that also did not happen. Perhaps God allowed the tension to be released somewhere else this time because of a single sincere prayer of a very humb le man.


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Re: Mary Ann Brown's 1976 Visions

Postby Kurt J. » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:20 pm

One of the issues prayed against at TheCall was sex trafficking--within two hours of that prayer it was announced that Craigslist was discontinuing "adult services" from their U.S. servers:

"Campaigners against prostitution and sex trafficking appeared to have won a victory over the weekend when Craigslist, the powerful online advertising website, capitulated to mounting pressure and removed its "adult services" content from US servers.

The move is an important concession in the fierce debate in America between free speech and first amendment advocates and those seeking to clean up the web and protect vulnerable girls and women from exploitation. It follows a sustained campaign by prosecutors across the US to have the sex advertisements removed...."

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/se ... ostitution

Seismic reverberations in the heavenlies...but of course, the battles continue.
I've been crucified with Christ; I died to the Law through the body of Christ and am joined to another; I've been released from the Law, having died to that by which I was bound; I serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.
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